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dadageek, 2018

1. Photography in 2018

I had the opportunity to document an artist installation, and student showcases in Austin, Tx this year.  This is my perspective in 2018.

dadageek, 2017

dadageek, 2017

Gathering, SXSW 2018

dadageek student showcase 2017

dadageek (2017)

dadageek (2017)

2. [FLT] Workshop Facilitator;

Projects. Passion. Peers. Play.

What is Scratch? Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animation. 

At TXST, Dr. Justice is building computational fluency in Texas. For 9 months, I have had the privilege of being part of this community by leading workshops with another student at Travis Elementary and The San Marcos Public Library. This hands on approach has taught me the value of learning through materials and that this thinking is key to adapting to a changing technology landscape.

At Maker Faire 2018 in Austin, the FLT team spoke on a panel to share to educators the advantage of allowing students to think computationally when exploring ideas.

This past July at MIT. FLT had the opportunity to share this same message at Scratch Conference. We were amazed to learn how educators are incorporating material based learning to help grasp complex CS ideas.

3. Texas Monthly Magazine Intern

I interned as an Advertising and Sales Development Intern in 2016. I was hired as an event photographer for their marketing events including TMBBQ Road Trip and TMBBQ Behind the Pit Dinner in Houston, Texas.

3. Product Photography

5. Music Photography

 Photography[FLT]Texas Monthly Magazine InternProduct PhotographyMusic